Probably no furfright

My ex is very sick. He has never been so sick in his life. He has been hallucinating from high fever. We have been to the ER; he was diagnosed and prescribed medicine. He should have improved significantly. He has not. I believe he should be back at the ER and admitted, but he is resisting.

I am his local support. I will not go to Furfright unless he improves.


As I see it, love is a process. The first step is understanding. If you don't understand somebody, you can not love them. For no matter what you do, if you don't understand them, you're not doing it for them. You're doing it for you.

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Just a quick update -

My apartment is coming together very nicely. I love the place, the building, the neighborhood. I will close out storage on Sunday; if you are waiting on a delivery from me, you can expect me to send next week.

My life is indeed changing, as a few are well aware. Here are a few ordinal details...

My suit is semi-retired. It may reappear here or there for brief moments or very special events, but these will be rare.

I do not have another suit. I expect to make one when new inspiration crosses paths with the right materials. In the meantime, in a practical sense, I am, for an indefinite period of time, not an active fursuiter.

I am for this time focusing in great part on other aspects of life. This does not mean that I am no longer furry. I love my friends, furry or not, and I very much look forward to spending many more wonderful times with you in the coming months. I have allowed myself to become a bit neglectful to you in the recent past, and this is a mistake I much intend to rectify ;)

Oh, and I am changing primary emails, to so if you google chat or email, there I am most likely to be.

In short, I have never in my life been both happier and more centered.

Today's blizzard is so very beautiful. I wanna get outta work and go play in the snow!

a start

I took the subway down to my old neighborhood to have a nice big restaurant dinner.
But I could sense that this was not the right way.
I passed a mirror in the trash on West 58th.
On 9th I saw a nice silver trashcan in other trash.
I emptied it, picked it up, turned around.
I went back for the mirror.
It does have a crack at one end. But such are things of man ;)
I carried both home, and got Popeyes takeout.
In the trashcan is an old rusty nail. It didn't fall when I shook out the last of the trash.
In my apartment is a special picture that needs to be hung. It is special because a dear friend asked me to keep it for him in my bedroom.
One nail is all it needs.


Found a room in midtown for 2 weeks. It's not much but it's clean and convenient. To those who have offered space or to help, I cannot express how grateful I am. I made a promise to myself to take care of this myself. I'm working very hard to do so.

Have gone thru most things. Old clothes, sheets, towels were laundered and dropped at a store that collects such things for Haiti.

Found good homes with furs for many large plush. Found a charity that will send smaller plush to children in Haiti and elsewhere; will box and mail tomorrow. Larger plush I don't keep will be dropped at the Salvation Army in Newark, which is one of the few nearby that takes plush.

Have large pile of furry related items I'm not keeping... art, fake fur, etc. Looting should begin this evening ;) Whatever's left will not be coming with me, so, last chance!

Got storage space and moving van set up for Sunday.

Found a home for Betty. She is from Brooklyn; she is going home to Brooklyn. A social worker with a tuxedo cat is adopting her. She will stop by this evening to take her. Who knows, Betty could be living with a true life brother or sister. When I reluctantly agreed to take that tiny kitten home from the thrift store one frigid day six years ago, the clerk saying they were closing and she would be put outside if nobody took her, I promised to find her a good home. I'm keeping that promie.

Ashton and I are fine. We may not be defining 'us' as 'mates' per se. I can't predict the future. Heck, even when I dream of the future it doesn't necessarily come to pass ;) This break, or phase, or whatever it may be, was necessary. Being in love is not necessarily being happy. We'll find the level of relationship that best works in time. I did make a promise to always be there for him, and that too is a promise I intend to keep.

Two weeks

I lost the apartment I wanted. Seems someone already had an application on it, but it was listed as available because they hadn't signed yet.

So, I took an emergency leave to look again, found one I like, and put an application. It's being renovated and not ready until mid-Feb. I'm out of the current place Sunday.

That leaves a few weeks gap. Not sure what I'll do just yet, except put things in storage. I found someone to take the cat for awhile if need be.

I'm giving away most things. I want to start fresh. Most clothes and smaller plush will go to a charity to help Haiti. I have some big plush and lots of furry art to give away. Unfortunately I don't have time to take pictures, post, etc.

I'm here til Sunday... let me know if you wanna stop by and help me de-clutter :)

Oh, and yeah, I'm doing well with everything. This will ultimately be for the best, and I have no doubt that wonderful times are ahead.

Back in the 'hattan again

I'm back 2 being a Manhattanite foxcoon!

While I still have access 2 the Jersey City place, and will through January, I'm now staying in Harlem with Ashton. And ya, I, we, are very happy =o)

We're deciding our options. Most likely we'll stay there and seek a commercial space in the Jersey City or Newark area. We has plans ;)

Until then, I'll be paring down to minimize storage needs. Among other things, it means quite a few plush 2 give away.

If yer interested in one, stay tuned... when pix r ready I'll post em. I wants 'em 2 have happy homes with friends if possible.

Of course I'll keep those very special 2 me. Perhaps one I give away may become very special 2 u?


Wheeee - back on LJ!

All is good here. Lotsa changes since last posting but will get 2 the details lata.

Me likey dis Droid. Jes gotta learn howta use it ;)

Anyways is good 2 b back =o)

Look 4ward 2 catchin up with y'alls